We are us. We are all about creative thinking. About creating the image. About telling the story and transforming this into a fully rounded experience. We’er all about concept, design and photography. We’re Bluemonque. 

Our Motives

We experience tremendous satisfaction creating things that incite and excite. Aesthetically appealing creations that give joy. We love enthralling people by touching their hearts and winning their minds. Creating value by bringing out the real.

Our Essence

Bluemonque stands for freedom and independence, indicated by the color blue. The Monque symbolizes a devoted individual, always seeking life’s true essence. A minimalist, focused on the valuable in life and fully present in the here and now. Openminded, with respect for nature and all cultures on earth. Bluemonque was born of idealism and a quest for a fulfilling work-life balance. A lifestyle that would allow us to synergistically blend the personal lives we’d always dreamt of with the professional lives we lead as like-minded creative individuals. This is what makes us Bluemonque. 

Our Method

We create based on who we are as human beings, both in our own unique way. In addition, we create based on our talent, skills, competence and experience. This is what sets us apart. We touch the core with our empathy and we always go for the real story, the true essence. We’re fully committed to those who are genuine and sincere. We perform best in settings that nurture our creativity to the full, wherever in the world these may be. Seeking inspiration in partnerships with teams of professionals from around the world. Free and independent. 


" We don't sugarcoat things, we're not Willy Wonka. "


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